Say Hello To Etna! The First LG Android Device

Remember when Steve Ballmer balked and Dan Hesse hissed at the idea of Android as a viable contender in the smartphone game? One thought there weren't enough handsets running it and the other thought the OS was in too early a stage. Well, is it any wonder why both companies operating under their perspective foresight are fighting for their lives? Seems like everyday we get wind of another device from another well known manufacture building hardware to house the Google OS.

The latest? Etna, an LG first. Etna showed her legs in a Vodafone booth during the IFA trade show in Germany, and she's got a nice set of gams.

3-inch touchscreen
5MP camera
QWERTY keyboard
Sliding QWERTY keyboard

Here's the list of no's:
No word on:
How much, when will it release, when it will hit North America or carrier.

But that's okay for now. For now it's a simple satisfaction knowing that there is yet another Android device from another manufacture poised to take a position in the pecking order.

MobileDocs – 1.0: View And Share Google Docs & Spreadsheets On iPhone/iPod Touch

If you're looking for a way to expand the way you use Google Docs on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you may want to give MobileDocs a try.

MobileDocs lets you view and share your Google Documents and Spreadsheets. Need to show your boss the latest revision of a project proposal? MobileDocs lets you do just that! You can also save documents for offline viewing or email them as a PDF for someone to review. If you can't find a document you're looking for, MobileDocs lets you search your entire document list.

View your Google Documents and Spreadsheets with one tap of your finger at the highest possible quality
Share your documents and spreadsheets via email
Store documents for offline viewing
Search your entire documents list
View detailed document information

MobileDocsMobileDocs - 1.0

SpotBerry: GPS Navigation Directional Compass For Blackberry

If a compass can be such a big deal on the iPhone, why not on your Blackberry? Get ready for a big deal! SpotBerry, the GPS directional compass for Blackberry! SpotBerry is a GPS navigation utility for Blackberry devices. With SpotBerry you will be able save your current position and find way back later, using pretty nice animated SpotBerry compass that shows distance and direction to target. SpotBerry's directional compass also displays your current coordinates, course, speed and azimuth. English and metric units are supported.

Wait while SpotBerry scans GPS satellites and use "Save point" button to capture your current location. SpotBerry can save unlimited number of locations. Use "Select point" button to select one of the previously saved points. SpotBerry will track direction and distance to the selected point.

Keep mind that Blackberry devices don't have magnetometer. You must move your location to cause the GPS-based compass to detect azimuth.

SpotBerry is recomended for outdoor use only. Autonomiouse GPS requires a clear view of the sky. Time To First Fix ("scanning for satellites") can be affected by cloud cover and/or urban canyons.
Use FREE FULL-FUNCTIONAL 6-DAYS TRIAL VERSION for check your device compatibility.

animated GPS compass
display current coordinates, course and speed
one click current location capture
unlimited target locations storage
track direction and distance to the target location
Empire / metric units

Minimum Requirements:
for non Touch Screen devices
GPS (internal/external)
Blackberry OS 4.5 or higher
for Storm
GPS (internal/external)
Blackberry OS 4.5 or higher

for non Touch Screen devices (BlackBerry OS 4.6, 4.5, 4.7 Non-Touch)
for Storm (BlackBerry OS 4.7 Touch Screen)

Price: $1.99
Special Price: $0.99 until Sep 14
You save: $1.00 (50.25%)

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