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Think about it: How many hours a day do you have your cell phone or BlackBerry with you, ready to receive incoming messages, as opposed to how long you spend in front of your laptop or PC? Big difference. So, smart Internet marketers are finding ways to target mobile network traffic using SMS servers that create their messages and receiving lists, along with gateway software that delivers to major cell phone networks in the India and abroad. Utilizing SMS server/Gateway software is the key.
Recent data indicates 95 percent of cell phones currently in use have the ability to receive text messages, and 87 percent of the United States population has a cell phone. Worldwide, an estimated 2.4 billion people are sending and receiving text messages. So you couldn't ask for a larger, more diverse customer base.
Say you have a product or service, you're ready to sell, and you want your pitch to be mobile. Unless you have superior tech expertise or a team of experts, you can go to an established company to deliver your text message marketing campaign. SMS, or Short Message Service, is the technical term for a text message that is a maximum of 160 characters in length. An SMS server allows you to send text messages to a list of mobile phone users, just as easily as if you were sending an e-mail.
Bulk SMS servers allow sending a large number of text messages quickly and easily. The first task is compiling or acquiring the list of people you want to reach. Then most companies that offer bulk SMS servers include programs where information provided is used to create a template from which the text message is developed. These programs allow links and personalization, so the customer's name is included in the text.
Here's a simple example: You are promoting sales of a new CD by a popular rap group through your Website. You can purchase a list of thousands of fans of the group who have registered using their cell phone numbers at various sites. You create a text message offering a free preview of the title track of the CD just by clicking the link in the text message they receive. Within seconds, by using a SMS server/Gateway software, the potential customer is listening to a shortened version of the song, and you're on the way to making a sale.
The final step in the process is contracting with a gateway software provider that is able to send your text messages to various cell phone carriers such as Nextel, T-Mobile, or Sprint. For less than $500, you can have 10,000 text messages delivered. That should sell a lot of CDs.
If you're ready to increase your marketing value by using SMS server/Gateway software, visit for more information.


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