New Nokia Ovi developer kit

Nokia launches a new service to allow web and handset software developers to create and integrate their own applications and services with Ovi mapping and navigation APIs

Nokia has launched a new Ovi applications programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK), enabling developers to use its mapping and navigation services and integrate their own applications.

The Ovi API and SDK Beta were created to provide an easier method of developing and creating their own applications to be used on Nokia handsets as well as integrate their own services in to existing Ovi applications.

Nokia confirmed it will begin rolling out a number of its web and mobile Ovi API’s and this year, starting with Ovi Maps Player API and Ovi Navigation Player API, which will allow developers to create applications for specific geographic areas, such as additional information on local attractions and services themselves using the SDK.

Applications developed through the Ovi SDK and Ovi API will be available through the Ovi Store in 2010.

Nokia executive vice president of services Niklas Savander said. “The API will simplify the development of applications. It's been too cumbersome in the past to make native apps,” said Savander.

“All this will change. The apps will work on the web and Nokia Symbian devices. The apps will be more personal and relevant, and also means better business opportunities because it will enable better search.”


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