Nokia 1506 Cheapest CDMA Mobile by Nokia

Nokia has launched 3 new CDMA Mobile phones. One amongst them is Nokia 1506 CDMA. A simple and easy phone to handle and carry.

Nokia 1506: A simpler way to stay connected
Designed to simplify the lives of its users, the Nokia 1506 is Nokia's most affordable CDMA device to date. The easy-to-use Nokia 1506 stands out from other entry-level mobiles with a slender monoblock design with high-gloss colors, a Navi key in metallic finish, a voice recorder, an integrated handsfree speaker and long battery performance.
There are two colour schemes available: Black and plum.
Nokia 1506 is considered to me the most cheapest and affordable CDMA Phone ever by Nokia.

Nokia 1506 will be available in the market before the end of 2009. Though Nokia has not announced the prices of this phone as yet.


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