SMS Server, Gateway Software

Think about it: How many hours a day do you have your cell phone or BlackBerry with you, ready to receive incoming messages, as opposed to how long you spend in front of your laptop or PC? Big difference. So, smart Internet marketers are finding ways to target mobile network traffic using SMS servers that create their messages and receiving lists, along with gateway software that delivers to major cell phone networks in the India and abroad. Utilizing SMS server/Gateway software is the key.
Recent data indicates 95 percent of cell phones currently in use have the ability to receive text messages, and 87 percent of the United States population has a cell phone. Worldwide, an estimated 2.4 billion people are sending and receiving text messages. So you couldn't ask for a larger, more diverse customer base.
Say you have a product or service, you're ready to sell, and you want your pitch to be mobile. Unless you have superior tech expertise or a team of experts, you can go to an established company to deliver your text message marketing campaign. SMS, or Short Message Service, is the technical term for a text message that is a maximum of 160 characters in length. An SMS server allows you to send text messages to a list of mobile phone users, just as easily as if you were sending an e-mail.
Bulk SMS servers allow sending a large number of text messages quickly and easily. The first task is compiling or acquiring the list of people you want to reach. Then most companies that offer bulk SMS servers include programs where information provided is used to create a template from which the text message is developed. These programs allow links and personalization, so the customer's name is included in the text.
Here's a simple example: You are promoting sales of a new CD by a popular rap group through your Website. You can purchase a list of thousands of fans of the group who have registered using their cell phone numbers at various sites. You create a text message offering a free preview of the title track of the CD just by clicking the link in the text message they receive. Within seconds, by using a SMS server/Gateway software, the potential customer is listening to a shortened version of the song, and you're on the way to making a sale.
The final step in the process is contracting with a gateway software provider that is able to send your text messages to various cell phone carriers such as Nextel, T-Mobile, or Sprint. For less than $500, you can have 10,000 text messages delivered. That should sell a lot of CDs.
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Online Text Messaging

Text messaging may be a difficult task for some people. The newer models of cell phones are becoming smaller and smaller, and so are the keypads. Inputting messages with the keypad takes a little while to finish.
There is now a PC-to-cell phone text messaging that makes the task a whole lot easier. Using the computer keyboard is so much better than a phone's keypad after all. Using a keyboard is easier because the letters are spread out in individual keys, unlike in a phone's keypad where three or four letters are assigned in one key. This is the primary reason also that abbreviations are common in text messaging.
This service first started in the late 1990s. It was close to real time texting when using a cell phone. Some facilities support a two-way PC to cell phone to PC texting service.
Online text messaging is faster and more cost-effective. Just like regular chat facilities, online text messaging allows you to store contacts and group them. It can send group messages to contacts at a single time, or send individual messages.
Mobile phone companies and wireless phone carriers use the cell phone's built-in info messaging feature to send automatic, system-generated text messages to subscribers. These info messages are usually alerts to new promos and features that could be accessed via the carrier's websites either through a regular or mobile browser.
Text forwards are as popular as email forwards. They are useful tools for info drives or campaigns. Whether for sending invites to a weekend party or to encourage fellow young people to join a walk for a cause, online text messaging is an economical way of spreading the word around.
Online messaging is also handy when mobile phone batteries are dead and one needs to send an important message.
Do you see contact forms on business web pages that allow you to send short messages to their offices? These forms can be programmed to forward messages to an email or to a mobile phone, or even both. As soon as you hit that send button, your notes get to an email or phone inbox and business owners know the precise moment you've sent them a message.
Many websites now have mobile texting features. Some of them are Friendster, MySpace and Facebook. These websites offer free text messaging as a way to advertise their sites and services offered inside. This is because freebies always attract visitors. More visitors mean high traffic for these pages. And as more people enter these sites, the greater visibility it has, and the greater chances of their services being tried. Thus, offering free text messaging is a form of advertisement also.
Due to the prevalence of texting via computers, these computers now can also act like mobile phones. There are now downloadable softwares where your contacts and messages can be stored. You can tweak on the settings to make your computer receive certain messages instead of landing on your phone.
And to make it more interesting, computers can also send messages to multiple recipients at the same time. This is similar to the send-all function of mobile phones. And if phones can send graphic images, the computer can do better.
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Free SMS Services - Use it to Your Advantage

You will sometimes find yourself receiving SMS messages in your phone from numbers not listed in your contacts. These are special numbers of four to five digits only, and they usually bring you information about many things. Sometimes, it contains news alerts of recent happenings around, or it may be informing you of the latest promotions going on.
These messages come from different companies like banks, boutiques or news agencies. These are free SMS services they offer to keep the public informed and aware about the latest bits. For example, a bank can notify the public via text messaging their increased interest rates offered. Or a shop can promote their ongoing anniversary sale.
Different companies resort to this kind of propaganda because it is cheaper and reaches a wider base. Messages are sent in real time, and the recipients can read these pieces of information at their own free time.
Conceived as an innovative, value-added feature to mobile phones, it was originally advertised as a tool for the hearing-impaired. Now, a few short years later, SMS services have proven to be an efficient messaging system whether for personal or business purposes. However, cell phone-to-cell phone SMS services are no longer free.
There is now a free way to send SMS messages in the internet. Online marketers and internet experts saw SMS services' huge potential as an effective marketing tool. Thanks to technology and innovation, various websites, including Instant Messaging (IM) clients now provide free SMS services.
Online messaging is easy. Launch your browser or your favorite IM client. Access your contacts and type in a quick message. If you've not already saved your intended contact's mobile phone number online in your detailed contacts information list, key-in the mobile number. Hit that send button and in less than five seconds, your message winds up in the recipient's inbox. It saves you time, effort, and money.
Free SMS service is a brilliant way to make sure you don't miss out on any opportunity to make a sale. If you are a marketing consultant, free SMS services are excellent tools to reach a broader market base, send info messages out to consumers, and receive consumer feedback. Business development executives make use of free SMS services to generate leads and help them convert potential customers to sales. Contact forms on home pages or contact pages of business websites can be programmed to automatically forward customer inquiries and feedback to either a preset email or mobile phone number or even to both.
Even the banking industry is making use of free SMS services to give their customers a faster, easier way to manage their accounts. You can subscribe to text alerts
Even free, web-based email services come with mobile alert services. Get text notices when you receive new emails. With free SMS services, staying connected and keeping in touch has never been easier. Real-time free SMS services bring you closer to the world. And, with the world at your fingertips, you're never too far from people and places that are most important to you. SMS services are here to stay.
As long as it is not abused, and people use text messaging responsibly, it is definitely a powerful tool of communication of the modern era.
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Latest Concepts Of Free Sms

One of the most useful innovations in the mobile computing industry is the short messaging service technology or SMS. Popularly known as text messaging in some countries, this technology allows text data exchanges between mobile devices. And now, the technology has also expanded to allow PC-to-cell phone SMS services. Now, whether you're on a mobile device or on a regular PC, sending SMS to cell phones is easy.
While wireless telecommunications carriers apply charges to mobile-to-mobile text messaging, SMS to cell phones from your PC is free. As a value-added service, wireless carriers allow subscribers or even the general internet public to send text messages to local numbers from their websites. Some of these facilities are only one-way PC-to-cell phone service. Some offer full two-way PC-to-PC text messaging.
SMS to cell phones can be done online. Many websites or Instant Messaging (IM) clients offer these services for free. SMS services from IM clients work just like PC-to-PC chats. You can save contact details from your account online or key in a phone number to text when you want to send an SMS. IM clients usually allow the sender and the recipient to exchange messages.
Commercial websites offering SMS to cell phones normally only allow one-way, PC-to-cell phone messaging. There are others though that work like an online community on the go. These facilities allows to profiles, upload photos, post and maintain blogs - all directly from cell phones. Members can send text messages, or emails may be received as text messages. You can access your account either from your phone or from a regular PC.
Majority of those who text messages via computers are those from business companies who send various messages at a single time for various promotions or propaganda purposes. Computers for them are more convenient because of the QWERTY keyboard. Messages are more easily typed with this keyboard, than using a cellular phone with the number pad.
These computers are installed with certain software that acts like an actual mobile phone. It has a big memory that can store millions of customers or clients' numbers, making it possible to send multiple messages to this big number of people at a single time. These messages will be received in real time.
In the same way, the program can be configured to receive replies. So instead of the message going to your phone inbox, it will fall on the inbox of the program. The advantage of this is that, like an email, it can also store thousands of messages. Practically nothing has ever to be deleted. Every message can be kept for future reference if needed.
It's definitely a whole new world with SMS technology. Getting in touch with your family and friends has never been easier. You can stay connected all the time. There are no monthly bills to think of. It's a great service available at your fingertips. Indeed, text messaging has become a very powerful communication tool of today. Communication has never been made easier and cheaper.
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Free Sms Via Internet

Many people have probably heard the term SMS but have no idea what it actually is or what it stands for, and even less idea as to how it actually works. SMS short for Short Messaging Service is technology that allows people to send and receive text-based messages using mobile equipment, such as cell phones.
The younger generations have taken to SMS big time and have even started to create their own unique language and symbology for sending messages. This is a measure of how much SMS technology has been absorbed into youth culture. The possibility of a completely wireless worldwide web is becoming more and more of a reality. Mobile hand held devices such as palmtops are at the top of almost everyone's list of 'must haves'. These devices are now considered by more than half the world as essential, and not a luxury. The 'want' of the masses has now turned into a 'need,' and for some very good reasons.
SMS allows us more than just a way of keeping in touch. It is an extremely cost-effective way of communicating, allowing us to watch our budget in these times of economic worry. When using SMS, typing in just over one hundred and fifty characters takes up as much space on memory as one second on a voice-to-voice call. This can represent a significant saving to anyone. So long as the cell phone is switched on, SMS messages are usually received almost instantly. They are similar to e-mails in that they can be reviewed on the screen and can be stored in your own unique filing system for as long as you need them. SMS also offers the facility to send out messages to large groups of people with a single click of the 'send' button.
SMS has the facility for allowing different messaging formats for the user. It can be used for sending voice mail, for fax messages, as well as for e-mails. SMS allows users to collect all their messages in these formats from their mobile device.
Europeans have really adopted the SMS culture and send more than a billion messages each and every month. Incredibly, this same level of SMS culture does not yet apply to the United States of America. SMS service is way under-utilized in the USA, although it is growing. The main explanation of this unusual phenomenon is that the USA does not at the present time use the digital wireless interface standard used in Europe - GSM. Global Systems for Mobile Communication or GSM is the platform for all SMS communication.
Essentially GSM is a system based on digital technology, which is the reason that SMS features work so well. Most countries do use the GSM digital standard, but the USA is one of the few countries that prefer to use CDMA and TDMA rather than GSM. There are GSM networks throughout the USA but the general preference appears to be for the other two systems, which is somewhat odd since both these other systems reduce the capabilities of SMS. USA is starting to change to GSM but the change is relatively slow.
If you are wondering how such a tiny cell phone can hold so much information, most mobile devices can have SIM or Subscribe Identification Module cards fitted. These are essentially plastic cards with chips on which information is stored. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of SMS or have never used it, you really should give it a try. It is amazingly practical, extremely reliable and an affordable way to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues.

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Free Texting Services on the Internet

Text messaging is one of the greatest communication technologies that ever happened. It is being enjoyed by the generations of today for easy communication via their cellular phones. It basically works by typing or inputting a message and sending it to the recipient's number.
Text messages are sent instantly in real time. It is a cheap way of relaying short messages rather than giving the person a call. The popularity of text messaging fast grew globally because it is proven effective. Because of this, people continued to seek new ways in communicating via text messages.
So now, other than the handy phones we use for text messaging, you can also do so with your personal computer. The advantage of this is using the keyboard to more easily key in your messages. To avail of free text messaging, you go online in the internet and visit websites offering these free services.
There are many websites in the internet offering free text messaging services. It is absolutely a good alternative to mobile phone texting with surcharges. Websites offer such free services to encourage a user to try their online facilities, like paying bills online via text. It also encourages downloading their games to your phone. Eventually, it encourages a user to register with them.
Instant Messaging (IM) platforms also offer free PC-to-phone texting to reach a broader base and expand their services. The more users visiting a website, the more attractive it gets to advertisers. The same is true for other websites offering the service. Free texting services drive primary and secondary traffic to various websites. It's a great marketing tool.
Free texting foster business relationships between dotcoms and your wireless carriers. It brings innovative text features like traffic updates and news feeds right to your cell phone's message inbox. Hence, using these free texting services actually help the dotcoms and phone companies make more money. Enjoy the freebie and use it wisely.
These free text messaging services online act just like your mobile phone. It also has a phone book that stores your contacts. It can also send group messages or picture messages just like your cell phone.
Keep in touch with loved ones abroad. Time differences and work schedules make it difficult for families to talk regularly. Emails are great if they work in an office and are online everyday. But for nurses, drivers, salon attendants and others who don't get 24/7 internet connection, text messaging is the way to stay connected everyday. It's fast, easy, and economical.
Advertise yourself or your business. Text campaigns are effective movers. Message forwards spread like wildfire. And because it's free, your only investment is the time it takes to type in a message, key in phone numbers and hit that send button.
It's a wonderful technology that's readily available. It won't cost you anything. Try it. Use it. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain from free texting services online. However, always remember to use this great technology responsibly. Avoid using it to send bad jokes or harmful messages.

Free Sms

Texting was only originally intended for the hearing-impaired who wouldn't be able to take calls in mobile phones. It quickly caught on other people. They found it a quicker and easier way to send messages, rather than calling, especially for short messages.
Telecommunication networks used to offer free text messaging services. But people tend to abuse freebies, and it soon created high traffic in their satellites. It pushed these companies to charge fees for texting to limit text usage of their subscribers.
Charging fees controlled the public's use of text messaging, and inevitably freed the satellites from unwanted traffic. However, it also brought down sales to a certain extent. By charging text messages for free again, the telecommunication companies won back their customers.
Free text messaging is not at all free. Telecommunication companies get profits from sponsors and advertisements. It also entices clients to try out their other services out of gratitude for the freebies offered. Most free text messaging services are availed online rather than in mobile phones. And these websites have many banners around it. These are advertisers that pay the telecommunication company for every click on their banner.
The dotcoms have now provided another free way to send text messages through computers (PC). There are three types of online facilities that can send free SMS to a mobile phone.
First are the websites of wireless telecommunication carriers. They offer free text messaging as added service to their subscribers. It encourages people to login, subscribe and browse the website's contents. It also encourages people to try their other services like paying bills online or viewing bill statements through their website.
Second are instant messaging (IM) clients. Most IM clients allow two-way PC-cell phone-PC text messaging. The dotcoms don't charge you any but your wireless carriers may apply charges on the cell phone-to-PC route (See how your wireless carriers are earning from texting?).These IM clients normally offer SMS services as adjunct to their basic instant messaging platform. These dotcoms normally partner with wireless carriers to bring you their services on the go. Their services become part of your carrier's WAP offerings allowing them both to profit from your continued patronage.
Third are the online communities and all other dotcoms offering the luxury of sending free SMS from their websites. At first it would seem they are not making money from offering you free text messaging service. But actually it is advertising. People flock where the freebies are. And more people mean higher traffic, and more chances to get sales from their websites. It is an effective marketing tool.
People nowadays just caught the hype of texting. And that's why these free services offered online are such a hit.
Freebies are always awesome. But remember not to be abusive for these companies to continue giving us the best services they can offer us. And although free, it does not give us the excuse to send any kind of text we want, especially if they are harmful and abusive contents. There is always an etiquette to live by.
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Mobile Website Tools

Mobile phones, PDAs and a variety of other mobile devices are now able to access the internet around the world. The internet is no longer the preserve of people with computers - it is now a mobile phenomenon.
Though they fall short of traditional computers in what they are able to display, they are powerful tools, and will continue to evolve.
Just a quick look at the differences in screen sizes will tell you a lot.
Mobile devices do not display websites in the same way that computers do.
Yes, there are a few devices out there that have the capability of displaying all of the content of a web page, but these devices are very expensive and usually require the presence of a WiFi hotspot.
Displaying abbreviated versions of website pages will continue though until such time as these become more widely used.
When using a PDA to upload a website, its obvious that the display is geared to show text which is easy and fast to download.
So, given these facts, don't you think that its a good idea to cater to these types of internet users? Of course you do!
When you are designing a website, you need to take into account how people will view the site. Simply by choosing a quality web design program, it becomes possible to create a mobile version of your website, with literally several clicks of the mouse.
Once this new website is created, it can be embedded with a few lines of code that will automatically make this the default site for people using mobile devices.
Instead of dealing with creating a new domain name or setting up mirror versions of the site that are to be used by mobile devices, your website will be able to automatically redirect a visitor to a page that is ideally suited for them.
This may not seem like a big deal, and its true that mobile device users are a relatively small portion of internet users, but when it comes to making your business profitable, it pays (quite literally) to reach the widest possible audience.
Transitioning to this technology can be a real pain, but if you invest in the best web design programs, you'll find the transition as easy as clicking the mouse a couple times.
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